WooCommerce Ready

Kwik is 100% WooCommerce ready!

You'll be able to select shop, product, account and checkout templates to create a shop that matches your brand.

Thrive Theme Builder aims to strike the perfect balance between allowing you to quickly create a professional looking online store while keeping all functionality compatible with other plugins available in the WooCommerce ecosystem. 

Kwik's WooCommerce Features

While Kwik is not an "e-commerce" theme, Thrive Theme Builder packs a couple of really cool features that will help you create a good looking, high converting online store. 

Headers, Footers, Top, Bottom, Sidebar and Content Sections Specifically for WooCommerce.

Because Kwik is so customizable, you can easily have a completely different look for your shop then for the rest of your site.
You could for example have a different header and footer, have a bottom section with a promo code or only show your shipping policy on shop pages. The choice is yours!

Create Conversion Focused Shop Landing Pages With the Shop and Product Category Elements

The shop and product category element allow you to display a selection of your products on a page, this means you can easily create a landing page showcasing some specific products, for example a seasonal offer.

Not only is the element visually editable, so you control the design, but it also has some advanced filtering options, so you have full control over what to display.

Give Visitors the Best Experience With Off-Screen Sidebars

You can easily add an off-screen sidebar to your WooCommerce store. This will allow you to give your visitors the best browsing experience!

Give Buyers a Seamless Cart Experience With The Mini-Cart Widget

The "Mini Cart" widget will allow you to add a small cart icon to your template, which will let the users know the number of items they've added to their cart.

When a customer clicks on the cart, they'll see a list of items and will be able to go to the checkout page.