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Page templates are the templates you'll use for your theme pages. 

This is the layout of your "default" pages on your site.

These page templates consists out of 6 sections and you can pick and choose what to do with each one of those sections:

  • Header - Use your default site header or pick a specific header for each page template.
  • Top Section - Here you can simply show the title of the page and some element like breadcrumbs or you might choose for one of the Conversion Focused top sections.
  • Content - This is where the actual content of your page will be shown. Every template will have a content section but the width and alignment will vary.
  • Sidebar - Left, right or none? Your pick! And of course you can add any content you like in the sidebar. Starting from a pre-designed template or by adding individual elements.
  • Bottom - Show or hide the bottom section and pick from one of the pre-designed bottom section templates to add conversion focused elements such as opt-in forms on every page.
  • Footer - Keep the default footer or load a custom footer on the page template.

Beautiful page templates - 100% customizable to fit your needs

See the different Page Templates in action