Bottom Section Templates

Call-to-Action Bottom Sections

These Bottom section templates are designed to have a call to action on each one of your pages or posts.

Contact Bottom Sections

These bottom sections include a contact form or contact information (that's pulled from your Smart Site data). They're ideal for service and local businesses.

Trust Bottom Sections

Trust is crucial online, you can build that trust by displaying social proof and making sure people know who's behind the website.

Lead Generation Bottom Sections

If you're looking to add a lead generation form to each one of your pages or posts, then using a lead generation bottom section is the way to go.

Post List Bottom Sections

Do you have blog posts or pages you want to keep front and center? Then adding one of the bottom sections with a post list might be the right choice for you. The is an extremely flexible element that allows you to showcase ANY content you like based on title, tags, category, published date and much much more. 

WooCommerce Specific

Just like for the other sections, Ommi also contains WooCommerce specific Bottom sections. These sections are perfect to add to your shop, product or checkout page to create trust, promote a certain product or highlight testimonials.